SILONCAMP – the children have fun, while their parents work

SILONCAMP – the children have fun, while their parents work

Silon has a long-standing tradition of promoting teamwork within the company and outside it by organising various activities. The company has now decided to offer employees a benefit for them and their children in the form of a day camp when the children have school holidays, but their parents have to work.

The first camp this year, which was held during the spring holidays and had a “Pirate” theme, was attended by 24 children, which meant that it was filled to capacity. The children put on pirate hats, made swords and decorated t-shirts and treasure chests. After lunch they set out from their pirate base at Hotel Lužnice on an expedition to see the local pirates. The expedition was action-packed, adventurous, exciting and there was fighting involved. The legendary pirates of Planá would have been proud of our Silon pirates!

Pirate day was a great success and the children are already looking forward to the next event, which will be an adventurous expedition on 18 April 2019 during the Easter Holidays. We thank the management of the SILON Company and the South Bohemian Chamber of Economics for their financial support.